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  • About Web Development

    Web Developers might be tempted to focus only on issues such as content, hypertext markup language (HTML) syntax, page layout, or the latest and flashiest technologies while technical options for communication on the Web are increasing.

    However, Web Developers need a broader, more process-oriented approach in order to articulate the information content they wish to convey. Developers also need to pay close attention to the characteristics and qualities of the Web as a medium for communication so that they don't merely duplicate practices intended for paper or other media.

    Developing Web content involves making the appropriate technical, aesthetic, and usability choices to ensure optimum effectiveness of the site.

    Therefore, in developing information, web developers require special skills in planning, analysing, and designing in addition to web-oriented skills.

    Web developers can draw on many existing concepts from technical communication and software engineering practices that take into account the unique characteristics and qualities of the World Wide Web
  • Web Resources

    -- Navigation should be clear and consistent throughout all pages on the website
    -- A Privacy Link should be included to give your visitors the assurance that they won't be spammed by having their information sold or passed on
    -- Text links should be kept in blue
    -- Use lots of White Space
    -- Avoid the use of Animation or Flashing Objects
    -- SEO - the site's design should provide for search engine optimisation which is essential if it is to attract visitors via search engines. Getting close to the top of search engines is not a task for the faint of heart
    -- The speed that your page/s load is vital - should it take longer than 8secs to load, the chances are your visitor won't have waited to view it
    -- A Site Map offres your visitors a 'road map' to follow whilst on your site. Search engines also love Site Maps which will improve your site's rankings with them
    -- Avoid designing your site with Frames. They are confusing for visitors, designers & search engines don't index them properly
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