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Effective Search Engine Optimization
  • About SEO

    To enhance the chances of your web site appearing near the top of search engine results, when queries for selected keyword phrases are performed, your site's web pages need to be designed, written & coded for search engine friendliness.

    SEO is a science in itself, not for the feint hearted, and a few typical terms used when describing SEO services include search engine marketing, search engine positioning, search engine placement, ranking, registration, and submission.
  • Effective SEO

    -- Content is King - search engines love keyword rich content although too much may be seen as spamming
    -- The Title Meta Tag should include your site's name and appropriate keywords
    -- The Description Meta Tag should be kept in blue
    -- The Keyword Meta Tag is of low importance, in fact not even taken into account by Google
    -- Use lots of White Space
    -- Avoid the use of Animation or Flashing Objects
    -- SEO - the site's design should provide for search engine optimisation which is essential if it is to attract visitors via search engines. Getting close to the top of search engines is not a task for the faint of heart
    -- The speed that your page/s load is vital - should it take longer than 8secs to load, the chances are your visitor won't have waited to view it
    -- A Site Map offres your visitors a 'road map' to follow whilst on your site. Search engines also love Site Maps which will improve your site's rankings with them
    -- Avoid designing your site with Frames. They are confusing for visitors, designers & search engines don't index them properly
  • SEO Tools

    -- Meta Tag Analyzer
    -- Meta Tag Generator
    -- Keyword Analyzer
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  • SEO Fees?

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